Thursday, March 1, 2012

Guilty Pleasures

We all have guilty pleasures. I figured it's time to come clean about mine.

1. Prison TV Shows

Jail tv series logo.jpg

I don't know what it is about these shows, but I can't get enough of the prostitutes, drunks and "I'm innocent" people on this show! There are so many of them now it's awesome. Between Jail, Cellblock 6 and Beyond Scared Straight, I definitely get my fill. And then when those aren't enough, there's always Breakout Kings and now Alcatraz. Call me crazy, but I love them!

2. Scrapbooking magazines

Scrapbooks Etc.

I sit and read/look at these magazines over and over and say "Yup, I'm going to use that design in my scrapbook". Never do. It sits on my shelf. So I'm starting a new plan to use at least one thing from each magazine and if I don't then it gets chucked. I guess it could be considered a slight guilty pleasure because I do scrapbook, just not using the magazine ideas (yet).

3. Scholastic Book Orders

I LOVE Scholastic book orders. Being a teacher, I've always had them for my classes. However, my Grade 6's this year just don't care so I haven't used them. I love using my free bucks to get things for my classroom and definitely miss it this year. However, they have them at Monkey's daycare. I've been good thus far and haven't ordered anything. I think The Husband would kill me if they did. There are some really cute book though!

4. Family/Disney Channel


I think this might be my biggest guilty pleasure by far. I love the Family Channel (which I think is the Disney Channel in the States). The shows are so entertaining! Pair of Kings, Jessie, Shake it Up! I could go on and on and on. The Family Channel also has no commericals during the show which means there are no interruptions. Before Monkey arrived, I'd sit and watch from 9:00 until 12, have my cups of TV and just relax. Since the shows are made for kids (I know, I'm 29, not a kid), they are easy to follow, which makes it perfect for a lazy Saturday or Sunday morning. I guess I'll eventually give it up especially since Monkey enjoys a quick cartoon during his morning bottle. Luckily, it doesn't have to be yet.

There they are! My guilty pleasures. I guess they aren't too embarassing. I'm sure there are worse guilty pleasures then watching Family Channel and Jail shows.

What about you? What are your guilty pleasures!?

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