Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Get Outside!

This week's Toddle Along Tuesday is your LO's favourite activity or toy. Monkey's favourite thing to do is to be outside, which I absolutely love. We've tried to get him out everyday for a least 5 minutes (other than walking to and from the car) and he makes the most of him time out there.

One tradition that has started is that when The Husband gets home from work, he takes Monkey to the park or for a walk and it's really nice to see. I get a few minutes for a break and then have time to get dinner started.

We first stuck him on the swing when he was 5 months old. At first, he had no clue what was happening, but now he loves them and can spend at least 15 minutes going back and forth. He's started to use the slide now to, which is exciting to see. The Husband has even told me that he is walking up the stairs using the bars instead of crawling up each step.

During the winter, he had to get bundled up a bit more. However, the wagon came in handy and he was able to still get to the park most days with Daddy. I think he's really happy he doesn't have to put that snowsuit on anymore.
Now that he's walking around and it's getting warmer, he's starting to get into everything while we're outside. On this particular day, the recycling bin caught his fancy.
I think he really likes the wagon because he's able to see all of the car and trucks go by and can turn himself around and watch them drive off into the distance.
I'm hoping that this trend continues and that he enjoys going outside to play. We're going to limit tv and video games and push him out the door. I think it helps that The Husband and I like to be outside rollerblading, bike riding and going for walks.

What about your little one? What activity do they like best?

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