Sunday, January 8, 2012

Shapin' Up Sunday

Tonight is my last night on maternity leave, which means life will be getting back into some sort of routine. Monkey will be heading to daycare and although I finish early, I can't pick him up until a certain time so that I don't interrupt naptime. Therefore, I will heading back to the gym. Probably not this week (as I'm sure I'll be exhausted), but I will be heading over to the community center to check out the fitness room as well as the rates.

I've decided to start doing Shapin' Up Sunday each Sunday night, listing goals for the next week and reviewing the past weeks goals. Here we go!

Current Weight (and starting weight): 179 lbs


-Eating out less

-Drinking more water

-More exercise (3 days + hockey = 4 days)

-Lose 2 lbs.

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