Friday, January 13, 2012

I Survived!

I survived my first week back to work. It was hectic as there were many other things happening too. Monkey had his 1 year appointment on Tuesday. We found out he weighs 19.7 lbs and is 27 inches long. We waited for a long time so he was miserable when we got into see the doctor and the shots made him more miserable.

Monkey has adjusted really well to daycare. Apparently he eats and sleeps like a champion. The only negative thing is that he won't walk in proper shoes or boots, just Robeez, so when they go outside they just put him on the ground and hope that eventually he'll figure it out.

Early Wednesday morning (2:00 am), The Husband was sick. He spent a lot of the time in the washroom, and since the bathroom wall connects to Monkey's room, guess who else was up alot. I probably only got about 3.5 hours of sleep that night, which led to total exhaustion on Wednesday at school. I felt sick all day long and ended up leaving early. All three of us were in bed around 8:00 and slept until 6:30 the next morning.

Now, I have to somehow find a way to write report cards for my students. Luckily, the kids are home on Monday so I can go into my classroom and get some things done without interruption.

How was your week? Hopefully better than mine!

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