Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dressing up Monkey

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I was really excited when we found out, way back in August 2010, that we were having a little boy. I couldn't wait to dress him up in baseball outfits and football shirts. However, after spending way too much money on clothes two "styles" have really stood out that I love dressing him in.

1. Bum Decoration
I love the outfits with the animal faces on the bum. I think I own almost every boy outfit from Carters that had something on the bum. I think it's so cute! Unfortunately, Monkey is in 12 months clothes and I haven't found many clothes that have bum decoration.

2. Overalls
I love overalls on him. During the summer, it was overalls with shorts and now we're into the full leg overall. My favourite are definitely the "engineer" ones with the blue and white pinstripes. I think kids look completely adorable in overalls (grown-ups not so much). The greatest thing about them is they can be worn for many years! Monkey has a bunch of pairs because my mother knows how much I love him wearing them.

I'm glad we didn't have a girl, because that is the extent of my fashion knowledge. I admitted the other day that one reason I hate going to work is that I have to figure out what to wear and make myself somewhat presentable. I hope that if we eventually end up having a girl, her aunties will be there to help!

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