Monday, January 30, 2012

Toddle Along Tuesday: Advice for Mommies-to-be!

I admit, I thought I was thoroughly prepared for having my first child. Little did I know, I wasn't! For today's Toddle Along Tuesday, Mama G has challenged us with giving advice to new and soon-to-be Mommies.
1. Sleep when the baby is sleeping
This is probably the most often piece of advice I heard and I wish I had taken it. Instead, I decided to watch tv, read or do lots of other things. By about 7 or 8 months old, I had it figured out and if I was extremely tired, I would sleep when he did, otherwise I would just take the time to relax on the couch. Eventually, I was able to use nap time more effectively, but at the beginning take the time to rest.

A cute picture, but man I was exhausted at this point already!

2. Accept help!
There is no need to be Supermomma within the first month! You can save that for the second. Accept the help that is offered! Whether its to bring you a meal or to babysit, take it! I found myself eating things I wasn't necessarily a fan of just because I didn't have to make it myself. In terms of babysitting, you can use that time to take a shower, nap or just clean up around the house without worrying what's going on with the baby (unless it's a not-so-baby savvy person)

My mom - one of our biggest helpers!

 3. Bring metamucil to the hospital with you
This maybe too much information, however, it was the best piece of advice I got from my mom. They do give you some medication at the hospital to help but it doesn't really. So to not offend some of my readers (hello, siblings!), I'll keep this short and sweet. Bring it to the hospital, some in the morning, some in the evening and you should be good!

Life saver!

and one that I wish I had used

4. The Itzbeen
I was told about this by Mama G, a fellow January 2011 momma! I think it is amazing. It takes a lot of the guess work out taking care of baby. I found I had a tricky time remember how long it had been since I had fed Monkey or even determining how long he'd been asleep. Like I said, this take all of the work out of it. I'll most likely be getting this when my next little Pumpkin arrives. Although I do have a fancy phone now so I might just get one of the apps to keep track of things!

My last recommendation is to link up with Mama G over at Growing up Geeky to see some other great idea for Mommies-to-be! Many of these other mommies are January 2011 mommies, who I've gotten to "know" over the past year and a bit and have some really fantastic ideas.

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

My New Reading Challenge

I've increased my reading challenge this year. I've decided to go for 52 books in 52 weeks! Kinda crazy I know! I started this challenge 2 weeks late so I'm a little behind but I'm sure I'll catch up. I just need to find some "quick" reads!
I link up the book I'm reading each week over at 52 Books in 52 Weeks. It's neat because they have a topic each week as well as lots of mini-reading challenges you can do. There are also lots of others involved so if you're stuck trying to figure out something to read then you can get an idea from one of the other links.
Come join us and read!
I'd love your input on some books to read too!
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tasty Thursday - My Pinterest Meal

Now that I've gone back to work, my energy and willingness to cook new meals has kind of gone on a holiday. I'm hoping that once I get my head back above water I can start trying out some new things and post them here. So today, I've decided to go through my Pinterest recipes and create an ideal Pinterest meal for myself. Who knows, maybe The Husband will see it and I'll get a Valentine's Day treat!
Buffalo Chicken Tacos
Buffalo Chicken Tacos
White Chocolate  Peppermint Fudge
White Chocolate Peppermint Fudge Recipe
This is making me really hungry! We might be trying the Buffalo Chicken wraps this weekend so I'll let you know how they turn out!
Linking up with The How to Mommy for Tasty Thursday

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Toddle Along Tuesday - #1 Item

For this week's Toddle Along Tuesday over at Growing up Geeky, we were requested to discuss our number 1 item that we need right now. Living in Canada, during this time of the year, a lot of people are stuck inside and therefore colds just get passed around and around.

Monkey got a cold earlier in the fall and we used just regular tissues on his nose. This often resulted in a fight and lots of tears.

My mom (and some of my January mommy friends) recommended Boogie Wipes. I absolutely love them! I found that nose wiping this time around is ten thousand times easier. I think he loves the smell because he always inhales them as I"m wiping his nose. They are also a fantastic distraction during diaper changes!

We've been using the Grape ones, but there are other flavours available.

To be honest, I've even used them! I figured the saline that is on the tissue is beneficial as well and after many, many wipes with regular tissues (even those with mosturizer "built" in) my nose is raw. The boogie wipes were excellent!

I'm completely sold on Boogie Wipes!

Come link up with us at Growing up Geeky!

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shapin' Up Sunday

So, this week sucked. I can't break away from eating out for some reason and I just can't get myself to workout. The only day that I "worked" out was Friday, when I played hockey. Monkey was sent home from daycare 2 days this week and we kept him home on Friday because he was still running a fever. He's better now apparently.
Anyway my weight update:
Beginning Weight: 179 lbs
Last Week: 179 lbs
This Week: 178 lbs
Total Lost: 1 lb.
I'll take it.
Right now, I'm fighting off a cold that I picked up from somewhere. I'm hoping it'll go away soon and that tomorrow I can restart the 30 Day Shred and the pounds will go away.
Goals for this week:
30 Day Shred  at least three times this week (plus hockey)
More water
Less eating out
Wish me luck!
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Saturday, January 21, 2012


Thank you so much to everyone that entered my giveaway and welcome to my new followers!
The winner is:
Karen Silveria Del Ben!
Congratulations, Karen!
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

My New Project

Don't forget about my Sweet December Hats giveaway. Today (Friday) is the last day to enter!
I'm so excited for my next big project. It took a while to get the name book finished and I liked it so much I made one for my niece as a Christmas present. Since there are no new babies on the way and Monkey is getting bigger, I've decided to move onto making him a quiet book. As I stated before, I'm so excited!
So where to begin!? Of course I headed straight to Pinterest. I typed "Quiet Books" into the search engine and so many choices popped up! I also decided to "google" (I love using that as a verb) Quiet Books and so many more options appeared. Here are a few of my favourites:
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
My plan for this weekend is to start planning. I'm going to decide the number of pages that I want to create and which direction I want to go in. There are so many choices that I think setting aside a couple of hours to just plan is important. After I've decided how many pages I want to create, I want to at least start looking at what to put on each page.
I sense this is going to be a lot of work! I'm definitely going to need to break out a pen and some paper and most likely my sewing machine at some point!
Any advice?!
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dressing up Monkey

I'm a little late linking up with Mama G for Toddle Along Tuesday and don't forget to enter my draw for a $25 credit to Sweet December Hats!

I was really excited when we found out, way back in August 2010, that we were having a little boy. I couldn't wait to dress him up in baseball outfits and football shirts. However, after spending way too much money on clothes two "styles" have really stood out that I love dressing him in.

1. Bum Decoration
I love the outfits with the animal faces on the bum. I think I own almost every boy outfit from Carters that had something on the bum. I think it's so cute! Unfortunately, Monkey is in 12 months clothes and I haven't found many clothes that have bum decoration.

2. Overalls
I love overalls on him. During the summer, it was overalls with shorts and now we're into the full leg overall. My favourite are definitely the "engineer" ones with the blue and white pinstripes. I think kids look completely adorable in overalls (grown-ups not so much). The greatest thing about them is they can be worn for many years! Monkey has a bunch of pairs because my mother knows how much I love him wearing them.

I'm glad we didn't have a girl, because that is the extent of my fashion knowledge. I admitted the other day that one reason I hate going to work is that I have to figure out what to wear and make myself somewhat presentable. I hope that if we eventually end up having a girl, her aunties will be there to help!

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Sweet December Hats Giveaway

Yay! Another giveaway! Bethany, a fellow January 2011 mommy with 2 little munchkins running around, has a wonderful Etsy shop called:

After seeing her amazing crochet skills and the fantastic hats she made, I wanted them all! I was eventually torn between two. The reindeer:

or the snowman. I went with snowman and I couldn't be happier! Here is a picture of the hat Bethany sent to me. Isn't it adorable! I haven't had a chance to get a picture of Monkey with it on because by the time I get my camera, he's got it off again and is playing with the pom pom.

As I said before, there were so many cute hats that I had trouble picking. After I decided on the snowman, I was given a wide array of colours to choose from! Bethany has samples of every colour so you get an idea of what it looks like. For the snowman, I knew I wanted the aqua colour, but was stuck after that. Bethany was able to suggest some colours that would work well, and she did an awesome job! The lime green and the aqua look fabulous.

The other amazing thing about Bethany is the speed with which she gets things done, especially with her two kids keeping her busy! I couldn't be happier with the product, the timing or the customer service!

Bethany has offered one of my readers a chance to win a $25 credit to her Etsy shop, Sweet December Hats.

How to Enter:

This is a Rafflecopter giveaway. Click "read more" below and follow the instructions on the widget. Please contact me at if you run into any difficulties!

The first two entries are mandatory! Once you complete those entries, more options will appear. The more you complete, the more entries you have!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Shapin' Up Sunday

I didn't really do well this week, but I don't think I did horribly either! It was a stressful, crazy week and trying to squeeze in exercise was just out of the question. I did eat lunch out a little more than I wanted to, but we'll change that this week!

This week's weight: 179lbs

Last week: 179lbs

Results: No change (but I'm good with it)

This weeks goals:

Eating homemade lunch more often

More water/less pop

Exercise at least 3 days

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Friday, January 13, 2012

I Survived!

I survived my first week back to work. It was hectic as there were many other things happening too. Monkey had his 1 year appointment on Tuesday. We found out he weighs 19.7 lbs and is 27 inches long. We waited for a long time so he was miserable when we got into see the doctor and the shots made him more miserable.

Monkey has adjusted really well to daycare. Apparently he eats and sleeps like a champion. The only negative thing is that he won't walk in proper shoes or boots, just Robeez, so when they go outside they just put him on the ground and hope that eventually he'll figure it out.

Early Wednesday morning (2:00 am), The Husband was sick. He spent a lot of the time in the washroom, and since the bathroom wall connects to Monkey's room, guess who else was up alot. I probably only got about 3.5 hours of sleep that night, which led to total exhaustion on Wednesday at school. I felt sick all day long and ended up leaving early. All three of us were in bed around 8:00 and slept until 6:30 the next morning.

Now, I have to somehow find a way to write report cards for my students. Luckily, the kids are home on Monday so I can go into my classroom and get some things done without interruption.

How was your week? Hopefully better than mine!

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Toddle Along Tuesday - Toy Explosion!

I survived my first day of work (minus a headache and a whole lot of confusion) but I'll do an update at the end of the week because I'm sure more exciting/stressful things will happen.

Anyway, the Toddle Along Tuesday topic is Toy Storage. I'd love to write about that except that I don't really have any toy storage. Since Christmas and Monkey's birthday are so close together we expected lots of toys. Also, I have 3 siblings and The Husband has 1, plus grandparents, so we figured he'd be spoiled. AND...he was. BIG time.

Right now, everything is just placed in the area seen below:
The two "toy boxes" are old diapers boxes, all of the mega bloks are still in their bags and if he wants to get anything he has to climb all over everything else. Not to mention the two activity tables in the other corners.

We definitely need help! We have no idea how to contain the blast! We're thinking of moving this year so we don't want to get an elaborate storage system until we move and create a play room.

Any ideas?

Linking up with Mama G at Growing up Geeky!

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Shapin' Up Sunday

Tonight is my last night on maternity leave, which means life will be getting back into some sort of routine. Monkey will be heading to daycare and although I finish early, I can't pick him up until a certain time so that I don't interrupt naptime. Therefore, I will heading back to the gym. Probably not this week (as I'm sure I'll be exhausted), but I will be heading over to the community center to check out the fitness room as well as the rates.

I've decided to start doing Shapin' Up Sunday each Sunday night, listing goals for the next week and reviewing the past weeks goals. Here we go!

Current Weight (and starting weight): 179 lbs


-Eating out less

-Drinking more water

-More exercise (3 days + hockey = 4 days)

-Lose 2 lbs.

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sesame Street Birthday Party

I survived my first kids' birthday party. As you know, Monkey turned 1 yesterday and today was his birthday party. I love Sesame Street and figured I'd throw a Sesame Street themed birthday before Monkey gets old enough to have a say. We hosted our families, ate tons of food and Monkey was spoiled with more presents. I'm pretty sure everyone had a great time! I know I did (I'm exhausted now though).

Check out the pictures!

My balloon wreath I learned how to do from this blog.

Sesame Street inspired banner

His monthly pictures in Sesame Street inspired frames

Table decorations

Sesame Street cupcakes

Opening presents

Eating his cupcake. He didn't get too messy.

I'm already thinking about what to do for next years! I figure he still won't have too much of a say and I need to start pinning some ideas. I was think pirates. Or a jungle theme. I just don't know! But for now I'm off to bed!

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Home Management Binder Giveaway!

My friend Kayse, over at Finding Hope has created this awesome Home Management Binder. It's a very practical way to keep everything organzied, especially all of the important information. On her blog she's given the step by step process on how she made the binder. She's even created an Etsy shop where you can buy some of the printables or even an entire management binder!

The best part is she is doing a giveaway for a personalized binder. Head on over to her blog here, and enter to win this amazing binder!

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Birthday, Monkey!!!

1 year = 12 months = 365 days

Happy Birthday, Monkey! My baby is 1 year old today! I can't believe how fast this year has gone! I swear I blinked and away it went. I have spent 364 days with him (1 day The Husband and I were in Niagara Falls) and have watched him grow from this tiny little munchkin into a toddler! So here's my monthly letter to him.

There were SO many changes this month. You started standing up by yourself at the end of November and then within a week you were walking! It's been amazing to see you toddle all over the house. Daddy and I were also worried that you were never going to hold your own bottle and again, you just started doing it one day.

You still don't have any clear words. Your most frequent "word" is "da" and you use it for everything. You do have lots of "tricks" though. You can put your hands up for a touchdown, you dance, you shake things and you shake your head no all the time! Yesterday you actually started understanding how to chase people and run away when being chased. Your favourite "trick" though is definitely throwing things.

Your favourite things are emptying out the cupboards in the kitchen, taking baths and eating strawberries.

I can't wait to see what else happens as your getting bigger! It's so exciting! Happy Birthday, Monkey!

Love Mommy (and Daddy)

Toddling around

Big breakthrough! Holding my own bottle!

Check back on Saturday evening to see how Monkey's birthday party went! We're going for the Sesame Street theme!

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tasty Thursday

I don't have a recipe to link up with today. However, the How to Mommy has listed her top ten linked up Tasty Thursday recipes and my Cookie Dough Truffles are on the list!

So head on over and check out some of the recipes! I can't wait to try these. You can link up, even if you don't have a recipe!

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